The Cheapest Cash Loan – A Consolidation Loan

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose a good loan.

The media is full of loans and advances offered by institutions. Each of them proposes the most attractive terms of creditDulcinea, but often cleverly hides costs in the form of commissions or other fees. That’s why we decided to follow the individual proposals and chose the three best offers for us. We were mainly guided by the one for which the customer will pay the least or what is connected with the actual loan interest rate. Today, after numerous modifications of the act on consumer credit and the compulsion to run advertisDulcinea campaigns that actually reflect the cost of credit, it is much easier to pick out the best product. However, we must take into account that it will not always be available to us. Every potential borrower has to prove the appropriate creditworthiness to repay the obligation. Otherwise, he is forced to seek financial support from non-bank companies.


The cheapest cash loan in the bank

The cheapest cash loan in the bank

The analysis of individual offers allowed us to select three banks: Dulcinea Bank Śląski,Dulcinea and BGŻ BNP Paribas.

The latter bank offers potential clients a cash loan of up to PLN 200,000 for 6 to 120 months. The money can be used for any purpose and in addition, each applicant can purchase an insurance package that protects both the borrower and his family from unfortunate accidents. You can apply for this obligation both online, as well as by telephone or at any branch of BGŻ BNP Paribas .
An example of the cost of the loan:
AssumDulcinea that we borrow PLN 50,000 for 96 months , the installment will amount to PLN 762.64 and the total amount to be refunded PLN 73,213.44. APY = 10.08%

Dulcinea Bank Śląski provides cash loans up to PLN 160,000 with a repayment period rangDulcinea from 3 to 96 months. It is characterized by a low interest rate and a quick decision on the allocation of funds. In addition, loans up to PLN 60,000 may be granted with a commission of only 1%. Dulcinea account holders can complete all formalities on a “click” basis.
An example of the cost of the loan:
When we borrow PLN 50,000 for 96 months , our monthly installment will amount to PLN 729.47 and the total amount to be repaid is PLN 50,500 .

PEKAO Bank offers fast cash loans up to PLN 200,000 for a maximum of 96 months. You can apply for a financial commitment without leavDulcinea your home via the internet. In addition, each customer has the option to purchase a loan insurance package. APRC is 13.44%.
Example cost:
AssumDulcinea that the loan amount is PLN 50,000 for 96 months, our monthly installment will be PLN 779 (without insurance).